Agile Fundamentals

The fundamental knowledge, theory and practices of Scrum.

Introduction to Agile

Introduction to Agile course offers a Scrum education experience for you, your team, or your entire organisation. Introduction to Agile & Scrum teaches the fundamental knowledge, theory and practices of Agile & Scrum.

It looks at why businesses and modern organisations need and benefit from these approaches. It also gives practical guidance for adopting Scrum, how best to work on a Scrum Team or interfacing with Scrum Teams.

This online Introduction to Agile and Scrum course aims to provide an immersive yet fast-track path to understanding Agile and Scrum.It also gives practical guidance for adopting Scrum, how best to work on a Scrum Team or interfacing with Scrum Teams. 

The course is aimed at those who are joining, working with, or impacted by Scrum Teams within the organisation. It is also suitable for: business analysts, project managers, product managers, line managers, ScrumMasters and Development Team members. And anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of Agile and Scrum.



Day Duration
Day 1 08:30 – 16:00
Day 2 08:30 – 16:00


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This course has the following modules:

  • Module 01 :  Why Agile
  • Module 02 :  Scrum Theory
  • Module 03 :  Scrum Framework
  • Module 04 :  Scrum Roles
  • Module 05 :  Product Backlog
  • Module 06 :  Scrum Events and Artifacts
  • Module 07 :  Recap and Summary


2 Day



Learners taking this course are:

Program or Project Manager
Scrum Master
Team Lead
Release Train Engineer
Business Analyst
Agile Coach
Portfolio Manager
Program Manager
Change Agent
Solution or Systems Architect


This is not a certified course but is ideal for those studying for a Scrum Master certification, such as the Professional Scrum Master. We have trained many professionals and organisations looking for an effective alternative to expensive certified courses.


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.

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Blended Self-Paced & Live, Virtual Learning

The benefits of both worlds. Participate via our live, virtual sessions, our self-driven on-demand training, or both to fortify your understanding of key concepts.

Boost Productivity and Innovation

The pace of change is increasing. Agile, Scrum and SAFe® are designed to make innovation the norm, not the exception. And boost productivity so you can bring your creation to market faster than before.

Beyond Theory

By showing how to incorporate Agile, Scrum, SAFe®, Lean principles, and patterns for high-performing Teams, our courses empower you to get better results starting now.

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Learn how to work on a team with an aligned backlog and quick feedback loops. Bring products/services to market faster.

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The market changes fast. Stay relevant and marketable by gaining or improving your competitive skill sets with growing demand.

Interactive Group Activities

Online learning that’s not just staring at your screen. Reinforce your understanding by participating in virtual group activities that deliver the concepts in tangible ways. You will leave ready to Scrum (or SAFe®).

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Agile Training

Agile and Lean training courses to meet your development needs. Agile training is the first step to developing your team’s capabilities on the fundamental knowledge, theory and practices of Agile Scrum and Lean.

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Agile Coaching for Coaches

We offer a “Coaching for Agile Coaches” (C.A.C.), just as An Agile Coach enables a team to understand and adapt to an Agile process. Our “Coaching for Agile Coaches” (C.A.C.) service help enable Agile Coaches get to the next level in their career, coaching them through complex agile transitions.

Agile Coaching on-demand

An Agile Coach enables a team to understand and adapt to an Agile process. Developing an Agile skill-set is an experiential process best learned by doing. An Agile Coach works with Agile leaders to develop a learning culture where the team can safely experiment with a new way of working.

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